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Groundbreaking Research

IUPUI faculty conduct world-class research from the life sciences to the liberal arts; in the professions of medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, education, journalism, and social work; and in interdisciplinary collaborations on studies in philanthropy, urban policy, the environment, biomedical engineering, cancer research, informatics, and more.

IUPUI is Indiana’s urban research university, located in the heart of Indianapolis, just blocks from the Indiana Government Center and Fortune 500 companies. IUPUI researchers, capitalizing on the campus’ central location in the state and its position in the research corridor that links IUPUI, Purdue University West Lafayette, and Indiana University Bloomington, are forging breakthroughs and discoveries that advance knowledge, address important national and global needs, and through technology transfer and civic engagement contribute to the economic growth and social advancement of Indiana and the nation and benefit humanity as a whole.
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