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Investing in the future of research

The Signature Centers Initiative is fostering the development of research centers that are uniquely identifiable with IUPUI, and lead the way in world-class research and creative activities that substantially enhance IUPUI’s reputation nationally and internationally. The initiative is designed to provide each selected center initial funding for a period of three years, equally shared between the central administration and the academic units. In addition to representing an area of research and scholarly strength, a selected center will usually build on some ongoing activities and have many of the following attributes to receive a Signature Center designation by the completion of third year funding:

  • Signature centers will often be interdisciplinary in character. They should have the capacity to attract significant external funding appropriate to the disciplines involved, including federal grants and foundation support. The centers need to bring academic distinction to the campus. After an initial period of campus-based seed funding, they should become largely self-sufficient in a 3 to 5 year time frame.
  • The work of the center should have something unique and distinctive, which makes it stand out. It should not focus on an area commonly studied at many other universities, although collaborations with other institutions could be a desirable feature.
  • The center should engage in work which takes advantage of the urban location in Indianapolis and establish partnerships with local community and cultural organizations.

The Signature Centers Initiative has become a key cornerstone of the IUPUI research enterprise, playing an important role in enhancing research and scholarly activity, while fostering the development of research centers that are bringing national and international recognition and visibility.

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