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Centers Funded under the Signature Centers Initiative - 2007

Awarded Signature Center Status 2010

Center for Earth and Environmental Science

This center will become a leader in scholarship and teaching about water quality and health. It is poised to make rapid and substantial impacts that will propel water resources research and training at IUPUI onto a state and national stage. The center will also create an integrated program which applies innovative scientific discovery to current and emerging threats to water resources in Central Indiana, the Midwest, and beyond.

Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture

This center is a research and public outreach institute devoted to promoting a better understanding of the relation between religion and other aspects of American culture. Established in 1989 with start-up funds from the Lilly Endowment, the center is based in the School of Liberal Arts. Now with over forty Research Fellows, the center is considered the premier research institute in the nation working in American religious studies.

Service Learning Research Collaborative

The mission of this center will be to increase the capacity of IUPUI faculty to engage in research on service learning practice, initially on three themes: international service learning; assessing outcomes; and retention of first-year and minority students. The center will also convene internal and external service learning scholars to develop new conceptual frameworks and methodological tools to improve the quality of service learning research.

PREGMED: Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutics Research

This unique center's central goal will be to improve the therapy of health problems related to both women and their unborn children using a personalized medicine approach that builds on the strength of this medical center in the area of neonatology coupled with the cutting edge science of pharmacogenomics. The center's activities will focus on developing new paradigms for the treatment of the following important conditions: nausea and vomiting of pregnancy; depression; preterm labor; preeclampsia and hypertensive disorders.

Binational/Cross-Cultural Health Enhancement Center

This center will have an academic focus on research on binational health issues of recent immigrants to the state of Indiana and of the rural communities in Mexico from where those immigrants come. Specifically, the center will focus its efforts on oral health and nutrition including behaviors and social determinants of health in those two areas and related conditions such as obesity and Type 2 diabetes. Research initiatives will be in the following areas: dental, medical, nursing, socio-behavioral sciences and public health. The overall goal of the center is to understand the web of interactions across biological, cultural, behavioral and demographic domains and to advance knowledge in these areas with real-life, practical applications to the future of the State of Indiana.