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Centers Funded under the Signature Centers Initiative - 2008

Awarded Signature Center Status 2011

Transportation Active Safety Institute

This institute advances the use of active systems in automotive safety. Active safety systems can be effective in both preventing crashes and in saving the lives of drivers and passengers involved in accidents. Faculty with expertise in vehicle control, sensor networks, wireless communications, and physiology collaborate to develop new and effective systems that bridge the gap between research and the development of consumer applications that enhance the safety of automobiles.

Vascular and Cardiac Center for Adult Stem Cell Therapy

This center conducts multidisciplinary research aimed at repairing and enhancing the function of cardiovascular tissues. Translation of adult stem cell research findings to diseases of the cardiac and vascular systems allows researchers in this center to explore novel approaches to repairing cardiac and vascular damage and improving the function of the vascular system.

Assertive Community Treatment Center

This center evaluates the effectiveness of mental health programs and prepares mental health specialists to implement effective interventions that assist families dealing with mental illness. The center also serves as an advocate for public policies that encourage implementation of effective and affordable support services for people with mental illness and their families.