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Centers Funded under the Signature Centers Initiative - 2011

Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research

The mission of the Center is to promote a better understanding of the critical pathways and molecular mechanisms involved in pancreatic tumor development, to stimulate the consistent and productive exchange of ideas between clinicians and basic scientists, to facilitate external funding for its members, to disseminate information across the Indiana medical and research community, and improve pancreatic cancer patient outcomes. The center, comprised of basic, translational and clinical researchers, represents the continuum of disease research from biological/molecular investigation to clinical trials.

Center for Brain Rehabilitation, Advanced Imaging, and Neuroscience

The research mission of the center is to integrate and further develop neuroimaging and behavioral measurement technologies to provide leading edge integrated interdisciplinary methods for examining the natural evolution, individual differences, and response to rehabilitative interventions in acquired brain injury.  The center brings together an interdisciplinary team of clinical researchers to (1) advance basic science and clinical knowledge to the next level of integration, (2) translate the knowledge gained directly into clinical care for improved patient outcomes, and (3) use the newly integrated knowledge to drive the leading edge of future research.

Three-Dimensional Imaging of the Craniofacialdental Complex Center

The primary mission of the center is to develop long term intellectual and financial support for strong, interdisciplinary, imaging studies related to a better understanding and quantification of 3-dimensional normal and abnormal growth, development, function, esthetics and treatment of the hard and soft tissues of the craniofacialdental complex. The secondary mission of the center is to assess the airways of patients with sleep disordered breathing and the responses to therapies. The tertiary mission is to become the regional and national point of information and service for patients and health professionals involved with orthodontic and orthopedic tooth movement, facial esthetics, function, airways, and imaging.