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Centers Funded under the Signature Centers Initiative - 2012

Center for Civic Literacy

The mission of the center is, first, to increase scholarly and public understanding of the dimensions of our civic deficit and the effect of that deficit upon democratic decision-making and civil society, and second, to identify, develop, and disseminate evidence based best practices to help educators and others address and correct the problem. 

Center for Human Papillomavirus Research

The overall mission of the center is to improve understanding of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) transmission and infection, and prevention of HPV infection and its consequences. The center brings together researchers from multiple health and life sciences disciplines.  These researchers are engaged in the realization of multiple collaborative projects ranging from transmission to prevention of HPV infection.  

Center for Pediatric Obesity and Diabetes Prevention Research

The primary mission of the center is the performance and translation of research in obesity and diabetes prevention among children and adolescents. The center is dedicated to advancing the health of vulnerable populations through internationally recognized obesity and diabetes prevention research focusing on mechanisms of progression from obesity to type 2 diabetes, defining best practices for obesity/diabetes prevention among youth, and cost-effective translation of the research to the community.