JagStart Student Entrepreneurs

JagStart - Mentoring and Support for Student Entrepreneurs

Our JagStart Student Entrepreneur Coaching program can support students at IUPUI looking to start their own entrepreneurial venture, or develop an innovative new product. Through this program, we also offer the annual JagStart Elevator Pitch Competition, but students can participate in the open mentoring program at any point (see below for JagStart Student Entrepreneurs program).

Students who are interested in participation in the JagStart Student Entrepreneurs support program can self-enroll in an online Canvas forum to learn more about the mentoring and other support available. Through this, you will receive updates and notices about upcoming opportunities, and will be able to reach out to other students who might be interested in putting together an elevator pitch competition entry or looking for additional team members for project teams.

Students can click “Join this Course” to self-enroll. This is an informational "course" only--there is no grading or credit, and it does not appear on your transcript.

To join: https://iu.instructure.com/enroll/JKKRRT

JagStart Student Entrepreneurs Program

If you’ve already come up with a great idea for a new product or venture, consider joining our entrepreneurship support program for students

Who should participate?
Any IUPUI student, or team that includes an IUPUI student as an inventor or co-founder, with an innovative idea for a new product or venture and, 1) would like to work on developing and creating a prototype for their idea with the guidance of an experienced mentor, or 2) is looking for coaching and networking to advance a potential new venture (both conventional and social ventures eligible).

What are the rules and guidelines?

  • Any student currently enrolled in one of the Indianapolis campus schools (including undergraduate, graduate, and professional students)
  • No limit to number of team members (a student can only be on one team)
  • Teams may seek assistance from other university or external resources
  • The idea and work must be your own, and you will maintain ownership of your innovation

What is the selection criteria?

  • Presentation (ability to 'sell' the idea)
  • Completeness of the project (stage of development)
  • Potential impact (benefit to end-users or customers, market potential, etc.)

Program Elements

JagStart program leaders and business mentors will provide teams with guidance on a scheduled basis, and as needed. Students will typically enter the program through a “Mentoring” track, to participate in a series of coaching sessions designed to provide feedback on their ideas. Each team will be expected to participate actively in these sessions, and as appropriate, may apply to proceed to either the Product Design/Development Track or the Business Planning Track.

Mentoring Track

  • Idea analysis and evaluation
  • Product Concept Documentation

Product Design and Development Track

  • Resources and support for development of working prototypes
  • Customer discovery and performance validation projects

Business Planning

  • Market research
  • Production planning
  • Resource allocation and funding needs

To submit an application to join as a student entrepreneur, click here.