Partnerships Beyond Campus

The mission of the Industry Research Development Specialist is to nurture collaborative research through partnerships with industry, universities, and government to advance productivity, competitiveness, improve research and enhance student education. Contact Clayton Nicholas or call 317-274-8266 to explore an industry partnership with IUPUI.

Today's Innovation Involves Open Partnerships and Market Driven Research

Paradigm20th Century21st Century
Innovation SpendingR&D/Technology FocusApplication/Product Focus
Innovation ScopeInternal, Vertical Integration:
"Do It All"
Open Partnerships: "Do Only What You Are Best At"
Supplier RelationshipsArms Length Commercial TransactionsOpen Development Partnership Agreements
Product DesignApplication Specific HW & SWOpen/Configurable HW & SW
Primary Innovation MetricTechnology PerformanceSpeed, Flexibility, Cost, Quality
FootprintNorth AmericaGlobal: 24/7
Push/PullTechnology PushMarket Pull
SpeedSlow, Low Risk, Serial DevelopmentFast, Global, Shared Development
IP StrategyDefensiveOffensive

Lessons Learned - Best School/Industry Collaboration Practices

Establish a funded initiative/center/lab/institute/working group
If appropriate formally announce the partnership to attract the best university researchers
Define a clear theme for the partnership
Establish a leadership group that meets a minimum of biannually
Identify single points of contact
Smooth and seamless communication paths is an advantage
Develop an “umbrella” IP strategy
Keeps open and collaborative communications
Allows expanded collaboration and exploration of new ideas
Allows the university to become an extension of the industry partner
Establish an agreed upon roadmap and goal with metrics that allows success to be monitored
Encourages communications of goals between both partners
Progress can be monitored
The value of the collaboration can be realized