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September 15, 2009

Dear Colleagues,

We are few weeks into the new academic year, and I would like to take this opportunity to first wish you a successful and productive year in your pursuit of research and scholarly activity.   I also would like to thank you for your contributions to the steady advancement of the research enterprise in our campus.  Moreover, in our quest to best serve you, I would like to inform you that we have further developed the programs and services provided through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR).  OVCR is fully committed in assisting you to advance your research and scholarly activity efforts. Through its webpage (http://research.iupui.edu/) you can gain information about a wide range of programs and services that are currently available.  OVCR strives to provide the support and services which can assist our campus community to Pursue Innovation and Achieve Impact.  This includes a variety of internal grant programs, designed to aid faculty in developing vibrant externally sponsored research and scholarly activity programs.  There are also two newly developed internal grant programs, as highlighted below.

First, I would like to announce the Round 3 Call for Proposals for the Signature Centers Initiative Grant Program.  This program was initiated in 2006, with a total of 19 center proposals selected for support.  As there was a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for the Signature Centers Initiative and the quality of the proposals submitted was very high, it was decided to continue the development of Signature Centers across the IUPUI campus by having another call for proposals in 2007.  This resulted in a total of 10 additional center proposals selected for support.  As of 2009, 27 (17 from the round 1 and 10 from the round 2) of the centers selected continue to receive support.  As the round 1 centers will complete their three year period of support by June 30, 2010, funds are anticipated to become available for the support of new center initiatives, starting July 1, 2010.  The Announcements section of this newsletter provides more information about the Signature Centers Initiative Round 3 Call for Proposals. 

I am also pleased to announce a new internal grant program created to support campus-wide attainment of excellence in research and creative activity in arts and humanities. The program is intended to stimulate existing and new research and creative activity, and to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship.  More information is provided in the Announcements section of this newsletter. 

In conclusion, I appreciate your efforts in support of our campus’ research mission.  Moreover, your inputs and comments are always welcomed and valued.

Kody Varahramyan
Vice Chancellor for Research


Center receives NEH Award

Philip Goff
Philip Goff, Director of the Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture, addresses an audience at the Centerís 20th Anniversary dinner, held this past June in Indianapolis in conjunction with the First Biennial Conference on Religion and American Culture.

The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture in the IU School of Liberal Arts, an IUPUI Signature Center, has been awarded $144,637 by the National Endowment of the Humanities to conduct a three-week summer institute for high school teachers on the role of religion in American history and life. Twenty-five teachers will be selected to participate in the institute in July, 2010, the goal of which will be to provide vital, embodied examples teachers can use to make religion’s role come alive in their classrooms alongside other important topics.

"It is not possible to understand American culture without understanding religion's social role,” said Art Farnsley, co-director of the project with Philip Goff and Rachel Wheeler. “This grant gives us a tremendous opportunity to leverage our academic leadership in the study of American religion by allowing us to extend our work to high school teachers and, through them, to students all over the country."

The project has additionally been designated a National Endowment for the Humanities “We the People” project and is being supported in part by funds the agency has set aside for this special initiative. “The goal of the ‘We the People’ initiative is to encourage and strengthen the teaching, study, and understanding of American history and culture through the support of projects that explore significant events and themes in our nation’s history and culture and that advance knowledge of the principles that define America,” said Carole M. Watson, NEH Acting Chairman.

The Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture at IUPUI is a research and public outreach institute devoted to promoting a better understanding of the relationship between religion and other aspects of American culture. Its activities include national conferences and symposia, books, essays, bibliographies, fellowships for younger scholars, a web site with course syllabi and other resources, a newsletter devoted to the promotion of its activities, and the semiannual scholarly periodical Religion and American Culture: A Journal of Interpretation.


Herron Graduate Student Commissioned for Community Hospital Sculpture

Jodie Hardy, Herron School of Art and Design
Jodie Hardy, Herron School of Art and Design graduate student

As an extension of the Community Health Network Foundation’s initiative to incorporate art into the healing process for patients and families, Herron School of Art and Design graduate student Jodie Hardy is completing a sculpture to be installed at Community Hospital North. 

The sculpture consists of twenty individually suspended wooden forms. Each form will be built from two pieces of ¾” marine plywood, each twelve inches wide by twelve feet high, joined at the front edge. The sculpture will be hung from a steel truss system that will be designed in collaboration with hospital architects. The images will be painted in exterior oil-based enamel paint.

“We are incessantly bombarded with images that lure us into feeding the eye. The external cues with which the world perceives us at first glance are largely based upon a number of elements that are within our control, adornment being the most heavily relied upon. Yet there are a number of factors beyond our ability to amend, including the physical form we were born with, and the physical maladies that fall upon us,” Hardy explains. “My proposed sculpture strips away the body politic by looking at the body at the closest possible vantage point, illustrating we are all, essentially, made of the same ‘stuff.’”

The sculpture, scheduled for installation this fall, will join two existing sculptures also created by students at Herron School of Art and Design: “Second Assembly” and “Brick Garden,” created by student artists Tom Streit and Lola Dinger.

The partnership between Community Health Network Foundation and Herron School of Art and Design is a project of the school’s Basile Center for Art, Design and Public Life, which exists to enrich the educational and interdisciplinary activities of Herron through civic engagement and community partnerships. The partnership with Community Hospital North will continue through the next three years, featuring a series of outdoor sculptures, creating an ongoing visual research opportunity for students at Herron.

Signature Centers Initiative (SCI) Round 3 Call for Proposals

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research invites proposals for the Round 3 Signature Centers Initiative (SCI) competition. The proposal submission deadline is January 22, 2010. 
Initially implemented in 2006, the SCI was developed to create strong research units that are uniquely identifiable with IUPUI.  The centers were created as an integral part of the Academic Plan for IUPUI, with the goal that they will lead the way in world-class research and creative activities that will substantially enhance IUPUI’s reputation. Since its inceptions, the initiative has resulted in a total of 29 proposals selected for support, 19 in Fall 2006 and an additional 10 selected in 2007.  As of 2009, of the centers selected for support, 27 have remained, 17 Signature Centers from round 1 and 10 from round 2.

For more information and to apply, please go to http://research.iupui.edu/funding/. Questions regarding the SCI program should be directed to Etta Ward at emward@iupui.edu or 278-8427.

IUPUI Arts and Humanities Internal Grant Program

The IUPUI Arts and Humanities Internal (IAHI) Grant Program is designed to support campus-wide attainment of excellence in research and creative activity in arts and humanities. It is designed to enhance the research and creative activity mission of IUPUI by supporting research projects and scholarly activities that are conducted by arts and humanities faculty.   The program is intended to stimulate existing and new research and creative activity, and to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship.   The grant period will normally not exceed 12 months. The ultimate goal of this program is to support research projects and scholarly activities that are sustainable through external funding and will bring recognition to the IUPUI campus.

For more information and to apply, go to http://research.iupui.edu/funding/. Questions can be directed to Etta Ward at emward@iupui.edu or 317.278.8427.

New Research Enterprise Submission Guidelines and Publication Schedule Implemented

As of August 2009, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR) began implementing its new article submission guidelines and publication schedule for fiscal year 2009-2010. Also new is a plan to focus each issue around monthly discipline-specific themes, which will alternate with OVCR themes and initiative. In addition, changes in the layout will also be implemented over the next few issues. The following outlines the current publication schedule of themed areas.

Submission Deadlines Publication Date Issue Themes
August 11, 2009 August 14, 2009 OVCR/CRL
September 8, 2009 September 15, 2009 Arts and Humanities
October 13, 2009 October 16, 2009 OVCR/CRL
November 10, 2009 November 13, 2009 Community-based Research
December 8, 2009 December 11, 2009 OVCR/CRL
January 12, 2010 January 15, 2010 Science/Technology/
February 9, 2010 February 12, 2010 OVCR/Research Day
March 9, 2010 March 12, 2010 Health and Medical Sciences I
April 13, 2010 April 16, 2010 Health and Medical Sciences II
May 11, 2010 May 14, 2010 OVCR/CRL
June 8, 2010 June 11, 2010 Social Sciences

Changes to the Enterprise reflect feedback from subscribers and administration who are interested in seeing the newsletter highlight more systematically research and creative activity taking place on the IUPUI campus, as well as report on breaking news across the disciplines. As always, OVCR welcomes your feedback. Please direct all comments and suggestions to ovcr@iupui.edu.


National Endowment of the Humanities to Implement Important Changes to Collaborative Research and Scholarly Editions Guidelines

As the October 29, 2009 application deadline approaches, The National Endowment of the Humanities announces changes to the Collaborative Research and Scholarly Edition guidelines and strongly urges applicants to review them in their entirety before preparing an application, as both novice and veteran applicants are responsible for complying with the guidelines as currently posted, including all changes that have been made since the individual may have last applied. A Frequently Asked Questions section is provided to serve as a point of reference as the application is being prepared. For more detailed information, go to http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/collaborative.html and http://www.neh.gov/grants/guidelines/editions.html.


The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research recognizes and congratulates all IUPUI faculty and researchers for recent awards received and helping to advance the IUPUI research enterprise. The following highlights those receiving $100,000 or more in external grants.

Grants and Awards - August 2009

PI Agency Project Title School Department Total
NATIONAL HEART, LUNG AND BLOOD INSTITUTE CT-Based Diagnosis of Diffuse Coronary Artery Disease E&T BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING $1,762,708
NATIONAL INSTITUTE ALLERGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASES Analysis of the functions of axon guidance genes during vector mosquito development MEDICINE IUSM-SOUTH BEND $1,545,500
NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON AGING Modeling Alzheimer Disease Costs and Transitions MEDICINE GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE $1,297,195
OXFORD,GERRY S NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF GENERAL MEDICAL SCIENCES Ligand Directed Functional Selectivity of G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling MEDICINE PHARMACOLOGY & TOXICOLOGY $1,279,488
MINTO,ROBERT NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION Collaborative Research: Biosynthesis of Alkamides - Experimental Modeling of a Modular Secondary Metabolic Pathway SCIENCE CHEMISTRY $655,912
THE EMMES CORPORATION Contract #N01-MH-32002 NIMH Bioinformatics Project MEDICINE BIOSTATISTICS $407,462
DECCA,RICARDO S. ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORY Dynamic control of the Casimir interaction using nanostructured surfaces SCIENCE PHYSICS $180,701
EUGSTER,ERICA A. INDIANA STATE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH Indiana Congenital Hypothyroidism and Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia Follow-up Programs (ICHFP & ICAHFP) MEDICINE PED-ENDOCRINOLOGY/
CARPENTER,JANET FRED HUTCHINSON CANCER RESEARCH CENTER MS-FLASH: Menopausal Symptoms-Finding Lasting Answers to Sweats and Hot Flashes NURSING NURSING $107,835

RESEARCH SUPPORT FUNDS GRANT (RSFG): The IUPUI Research Support Funds Grant (RSFG) program is designed to enhance the research mission of IUPUI by supporting research projects and scholarly activities that are sustainable through external funding. The next RSFG application deadline is October 15, 2009. For grant guidelines and application forms, go to http://research.iupui.edu/funding/.

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT FUND (IDF) GRANT:  The IDF grant was developed to enhance the international research and scholarly activity focus of the IUPUI academic mission. Generally, the IDF grant serves as venture capital to stimulate additional funding for international research and scholarly activity, which have strong potential to generate indirect cost recovery from extramural sources. The next IDF application deadline is November 15, 2009. For grant guidelines and application forms, go to http://research.iupui.edu/funding/.


New Frontiers program
The first year of a new five-year cycle of the New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Program, a program of the Office of the Vice President for Research, is about to begin and proposals are sought.

The goal of this university-wide program is to help Indiana University faculty members expand their creative and scholarly work into disciplinary or interdisciplinary frontiers that promise new insights into the human condition or pursue innovative directions in artistic creativity. The program is open to faculty members on all IU campuses.

The call for proposals, descriptions of the different kinds of grants available, guidelines, forms, FAQ’s, and other information can be found on the OVPR website at research.indiana.edu/funding/newfron/index.html.

CTSI Core Facility grants available
The Pilot Funding for Research Use of Core Facilities grant program is now open and accepting proposals. This CTSI program is designed to encourage the use of the technologies and expertise afforded by the CTSI Core Facilities with the specific goal of funding projects with outstanding scientific merit that can be linked to generating extramural funding or novel intellectual property (IP).
The program will provide up to $10,000 in core services for successful applicants from Indiana University, Purdue, or Notre Dame.  For more information and detailed eligibility guidelines, visit www.indianactsi.org/grants. The deadline for proposals is 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 12, 2009.


Community of Science (Find Funding and Promote Your Work)

When: Thursday, September 24, 2009 | 10:00 AM-11:30 AM
Where: University Library 0106

Indiana University is a member of the Community of Science (COS). Whether your work is in the arts or the sciences, COS funding and expertise search tools and services can help support and advance your research and scholarly activity. Learn how to take full advantage of these services and help our institution promote its work. This event is a hands-on open lab session.

Register: http://crl.iupui.edu/events/eventsRegistration.asp?id=1610

The Basics of Developing a Successful External Grant Proposal

When: Monday, October 05, 2009 | 01:00 PM-02:30 PM
Where: University Library, Room 1126

This session will focus on the essentials of building a successful grant proposal. A variety of topics from key components of proposals to basic budgets, writing style to interpreting agency guidelines will be covered. Come ready to ask questions…and get them answered!


Cutting Edge Lecture Series

Cutting Edge Lecture SeriesIUPUI is pleased to present the Cutting Edge Lecture Series. Top university professors will engage the community in discussions about rapidly changing fields of inquiry. Lectures begin at 4:30 p.m. in the University Library Lilly Auditorium.

September 9: Noir Logics of New Media
Richard L. Edwards, New Media Informatics

September 23: Can we Rescue Civic Literacy?
Sheila Kennedy, School of Public and Environmental Affairs

October 7: Field Nutrition Research in Kenya
Judith Ernst, Nutrition and Dietetics

October 21: A Clean Mouth for a Healthy Body?
Michael Kowolik, Dentistry

October 28: The Constructed Journey: Fine Art, Photography and Video
Linda Adele Goodine, Herron School of Art and Design

November 11: CSI Run Amok: The Future of Forensic Science
Jay Siegel, Forensic Science

Lectures are free and open to all. Complimentary parking is available in the North Street Garage.

For more information, visit www.iupui.edu/administration/acad_affairs.

Scholarship at Lunch Time (SALT) Series

The SALT event series is aimed at showcasing interdisciplinary research efforts, promoting IUPUI research center activities, and encouraging new collaborative partnerships. This highly interactive event provides an opportunity to meet fellow researches in an informal setting on a monthly basis at the Faculty Club. Presentations are limited to 20-25 minutes to allow ample time for discussion.

When: Wednesday, September 30, 2009 | 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM
Where: University Faculty Club (located on the second floor of the University Place Conference Center in IP 200)

Presentation Title: “A New Paradigm for Training Interdisciplinary Behavioral Scientists”

Presenters:  Anna McDaniel, School of Nursing

Transdisciplinary health research training has been identified as a major initiative to achieve the vision for research teams of the future as articulated in the NIH Roadmap for Medical Research. To address the need for scientists who can integrate diverse scientific approaches and work in transdisciplinary teams to solve complex health problems, an innovative training program has been designed that provides didactic and research experiences to enable trainees to establish productive careers in behavioral oncology and cancer control research. In this presentation, the development of a successful transdisciplinary training program that includes mentorship, research, and a specialized curriculum across a broad range of disciplines will be discussed.

The event is open to non-members of the Faculty Club. Due to limited seating it is recommended that you sign-up prior to each scheduled presentation by calling Stephanie at 317-274-7014 or by sending an email to facclub@iupui.edu. Lunch is a buffet that includes soup, a salad bar, two warm entrees with side dishes, and desert for $12.90 (includes tax and gratuity).

Reading at the Table: Don't Swallow Your Gum!

When: Thursday, October 15, 2009 | 11:30 AM-01:00 PM
Where: University Hotel, Faculty Club

IUSM faculty, Drs. Aaron Carroll and Rachel Vreeman will read from and discuss their new book, "Don't Swallow Your Gum!”

People have more access to medical information than ever before, and yet still believe “facts” about our bodies and health that are just plain wrongThis book takes on these myths and misconceptions, and exposes the truth behind some of those weird and worrisome things we think about our bodies.  It is the ultimate myth-busting collection of beliefs about health with the perfect blend of authoritative research and a breezy, accessible tone. DON’T SWALLOW YOUR GUM is full of enlightening, practical, and quirky facts that will debunk some of the most perennial misconceptions we believe about our health and well-being.

Register: http://faa.iupui.edu/newFaa/events/eventsRegistration.asp?id=1665


Funding opportunities in this section include selected current grant announcements from federal agencies for new initiatives and changes to existing programs. Announcements with limited scope are not listed here but are, instead, sent directly to IUPUI School Deans. For comprehensive coverage of funding opportunities please use the on-line search tools listed below.


DFG/NEH Bilateral Digital Humanities Program: Bilateral Symposia and Workshops
The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) in the United States and the German Research Foundation are working together to offer support for bilateral symposia or workshops in the area of digital humanities. Collaboration between U.S. and German partners is a key requirement for this grant category. The goal of this request for proposals is to promote stronger bilateral cooperation and increased competencies in the digital humanities communities in the two countries by initiating or intensifying contact between distinguished scholars, junior researchers, scientists, librarians, information professionals, and others working on humanities projects. Application deadline is October 29, 2009.


Director’s Pioneer Award Program
The NIH Director’s Pioneer Award Program complements NIH's traditional, investigator-initiated grant programs by supporting individual scientists of exceptional creativity who propose pioneering and possibly transforming approaches to addressing major biomedical or behavioral challenges. To be considered pioneering, the proposed research must reflect ideas substantially different from those already being pursued in the investigator’s laboratory or elsewhere. The award is for up to $500K per year for 5 years (direct costs). Application length is 5 pages. Application deadline is October 20, 2009.

2010 NIH Director’s New Innovator Award Program
The NIH Director’s New Innovator Award program was created in 2007 to support a small number of early stage investigators of exceptional creativity who propose bold and highly innovative new research approaches that have the potential to produce a major impact on broad, important problems in biomedical and behavioral research. Awards will be for up to $300,000 in direct costs each year for five years. Application is an essay of no more than 10 pages that addresses (1) the significance and potential impact of the project, (2) what makes the approaches exceptionally innovative and how the applicant will address risks and challenges, and (3) the applicant’s qualifications for this award. Application due October 27, 2009.

Healthy Aging through Behavioral Economic Analyses of Situations
The focus is on translate basic findings from Behavioral Economics into behavior change interventions targeting health behaviors associated with chronic health conditions of mid-life and older age. Applications should propose small pilot clinical trials or demonstration projects, ideally based on collaborations between individuals with expertise in behavioral economics and psychologists, psychiatrists, clinicians, or others with expertise in aging or implementing behavioral interventions. Application deadline is November 2, 2009.

Research to Understand and Inform Interventions that Promote the Research Careers of Students in Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences
The focus is on research designed to test assumptions and hypotheses regarding social and behavioral factors with the aim of advising and guiding the design of potential interventions intended to increase interest, motivation and preparedness for careers in biomedical and behavioral research. The proposed research need not be restricted to underrepresented minority students. Comparative research that analyzes the experience of all groups in order to place that of underrepresented students in context and to learn whether and how interventions should be tailored to make more underrepresented students successful in biomedical careers may well be particularly illuminating and is, therefore, encouraged. Application deadline is October 22, 2009.


Research and Evaluation on Education in Science and Engineering (REESE)
This program seeks to (1) catalyze discovery and innovation at the frontiers of STEM learning, education, and evaluation; (2) stimulate the field to produce high quality and robust research results through the progress of theory, method, and human resources; and (3) coordinate and transform advances in education, learning research, and evaluation. Application deadline is November 12, 2009.



Bioinspired Photonics
The program, goal is to design and fabricate structured materials that will demonstrate either dynamic tunability of the optical response, or sensing capability of organic volatiles, using bioinspired photonic structures capable of operating in the visible and near infrared (NIR). Application deadline is October 7, 2009.



Fall 2009 EPA Science To Achieve Results (STAR) Fellowships For Graduate Environmental Study
This program provides  fellowships for masters and Ph.D. students in the following areas: Global Change; Clean Air; Drinking Water; Water Quality: Hydrogeology and Surface Water; Coastal and Estuarine Processes; Human Health: Public Health Sciences; Risk Assessment and Decision Making; Ecosystem Services: Aquatic Systems Ecology; Terrestrial Systems Soil and Plant Ecology, Animal Ecology; Pesticides and Toxic Substances; Land Protection; Science & Technology for Sustainability: Green Engineering/Building/Chemistry/Materials, Energy, Environmental Behavior & Decision Making; Emerging Environmental Approaches: Informatics. Application deadline is October 22, 2009.

National Facts

In fiscal year 2007, the average percentage of operating funds for 4 year public institutions of higher education coming from the states was 22.2% compared to 16.8% from tuition and 17.6% from grants and contracts. New York University led all universities in revenues from licensing and patents by earning $791M. The mid-west was led by Northwestern (Rank=4th, $97M). Johns Hopkins University earned the top rank for total research and development expenditures for science and engineering with a total of $1.56B. The mid-west was led by the University of Michigan (Rank=5th, $809M). Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education Almanac Issue Aug 28, 2009


On-line search tools are available to IUPUI investigators who are interested in identifying funding opportunities in their areas of interest.

Community of Science (COS): COS is a primary on-line search tool for identifying funding opportunities. To take advantage of this tool, register at http://www.cos.com/login/join.shtml. Once you have completed the short registration process, you can personalize your search by selecting the option entitled "launch your workbench". You can access federal, local, corporate, foundation, nonprofit and other funding opportunities using key terms and save the results of up to 20 searches and have them delivered to you weekly via email.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) "NIH Guide": To take advantage of this search tool, register at http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/listserv.htm. It allows you to receive discipline specific funding opportunities that are delivered to you weekly via email.

National Science Foundation (NSF) "MyNSF": To take advantage of this search tool, register at http://www.nsf.gov/mynsf/. It allows you to receive discipline specific funding opportunities that are delivered to you weekly via email.

Federal Business Opportunities "FedBizOpps": FedBizOpps is the single government point-of-entry for Federal government procurement opportunities over $25,000. To take advantage of this search tool, visit http://vsearch1.fbo.gov/servlet/SearchServlet. Opportunities found at this site include, but are not limited to, presolicitations and special notices for research and service contracts for specific projects and some national centers and surveys that would not be found in Grants.gov and may not be found in the Community of Science.

Limited Submission Funding Opportunities: Occasionally a funding agency places a limitation on the number of proposals that can be submitted from a campus or university system. For a description of the upcoming "limited submission" funding opportunities, as well as guidelines and application forms, go to: http://ovpr.indiana.edu/limsub/limsub.asp or contact Etta Ward in the IUPUI Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research: emward@iupui.edu or 317.278.8427.

Special Handling: The Special Handling list was created in order to communicate donor restrictions and/or preferences for managing solicitation requests from Indiana University. The list reflects special relationships that exist between donors and the university and includes corporations and foundations that the President’s office wishes to review prior to submission in order to coordinate Indiana University’s requests to these donors. The Special Handling List was compiled and is maintained by the Indiana University Foundation office of Corporate and Foundation Relations and is provided to OVPR for distribution. Questions regarding this list can be directed  Bobbi Bosch at 317-278-5648 or bsbosch@indiana.edu.

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