Biomedical Imaging Support Program (BISP)
Deadline: Applications will be accepted on a continuous basis, pending availability of funds, until the end of the academic year 6/30/2017.

The utilization of advanced imaging technologies has become a critical tool for advancing biomedical research and patient care. However, ready access to imaging resources for developing innovative solutions to unmet biomedical imaging needs or for pursuing exploratory imaging research can represent a significant barrier. The Biomedical Imaging Support Program provides a mechanism for accessing and leveraging the biomedical imaging resources available within the greater Indiana research community. This primarily consists of the imaging core or imaging facilities available within the major academic research institutions in the state of Indiana (e.g., Indiana University, Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame); however, other facilities will be considered.

This Program is not meant to be a traditional funding source to cover all the costs associated with a specific scientific research project. Rather, the objective of the Biomedical Imaging Support Program is to nurture the development and/or application of innovative biomedical imaging methods by supporting access to advanced imaging resources. It is expected that the applicants will have access to additional resources (e.g., institutional or departmental funding, external funding, etc.) to cover the additional costs associated with the overall research project.


  • All IUPUI full-time tenured/tenure track, clinical, research and scientist rank faculty are eligible to apply.
  • Faculty in visiting ranks and post-doctoral associates are not eligible.


  • Funding requests may not exceed $25,000.
  • Projects will be limited to one (1) year in duration. Imaging projects that can’t be completed in one (1) year will not be funded.
  • Only costs associated with imaging core or imaging facility fees and necessary imaging-related supplies are permitted. Costs for items such as salaries*, animal model, subject recruitment, subject payment, ancillary data acquisition & analysis, equipment, software, and travel costs are not permitted. (*NOTE: Support for covering costs associated with the imaging facility fees, including salaries, is permitted.)
  • Funds will not be granted for biomedical imaging costs currently supported by other internal or external funding mechanisms at the campus or university level.
  • Applications will be primarily reviewed regarding their feasibility for developing and/or applying innovative biomedical imaging methods and not as stand-alone scientific research proposals.

Application sections include:

  • Cover page
  • Abstract
  • Budget and justification
  • Research plan not to exceed two pages
  • References cited
  • Biosketch not to exceed five pages, include funding history
  • Letters of support as applicable
  • IRB, IACUC, and/or IBC forms if applicable

Apply to this program through the InfoReady portal. Download the Guidelines and Application. Applications are to be submitted as one pdf file.