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Internal Funding Opportunities

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research

OVCR Awards FY 2014; OVCR Awards FY 2015; OVCR Awards FY 2016

IUPUI Arts and Humanities Internal Grant (IAHI)

The IAHI Grant Program exists to support campus-wide attainment of excellence in research and creative activity in arts and humanities. It is designed to enhance the research and creative activity mission of IUPUI by supporting research projects and scholarly activities that are conducted by arts and humanities faculty. The program is intended to stimulate existing and new research and creative activity, and to support faculty in becoming competitive in securing external funding and sponsorship.

Deadline: March 1 (new deadline!)

Developing Diverse Researchers with InVestigative Expertise (DRIVE)

The Developing Diverse Researchers with InVestigative Expertise (DRIVE) program is designed to enhance the diversity and research and creative activity mission of IUPUI.  Faculty from historically underrepresented populations, usually defined as African-American, Latino-American, Native American, Pacific Islanders, and women are particularly encouraged to apply. The DRIVE program supports projects that have the potential for sustainability through external funding.

Deadlines: March 1

Funding Opportunities for Research Commercialization and Economic Success (FORCES)

The FORCES program is designed to support IUPUI researchers in the successful transformation of their research findings into commercially viable outcomes.  The key goals of FORCES are to support: 1) realization of short-term projects that will enhance commercial value of IUPUI intellectual property assets, by facilitating commercialization of inventions, technologies, or other intellectual property derived from existing research projects, and 2) development of research initiatives that show great promise for commercialization of the research outcomes.

Deadlines: September 15 and March 15


Research Support Funds Grant (RSFG)

The Research Support Funds Grant (RSFG) program is designed to enhance the research mission of IUPUI by supporting research projects and scholarly activities that are sustainable through external funding.

Deadlines:  October 15 and April 15

Enhanced Mentoring Program with Opportunities for Ways to Excel in Research (EMPOWER)

The EMPOWER program has been developed to support IUPUI faculty who are historically underrepresented and/or excluded populations in their discipline or area of scholarship and historically denied admission to higher education or that discipline, 1) to become successful in sponsored research and scholarly activity, and 2) to achieve significant professional growth and advancement. The program sustains mentorship opportunities through the EMPOWER Grant Program, supporting achievement of excellence in research and scholarly activity, and optimal attainment of academic career goals and objectives.

Deadline: September 8

Imaging Technology Development Program (ITDP)

The objective of the Imaging Technology Development Program (ITDP) is to provide a source of seed funding to foster multidisciplinary research activities to advance the development of new, innovative, imaging-related technologies, defined as any technology associated with the acquisition of images, display of image information, or quantitative analyses of the information contained within an image.

Deadline: January 15

IUPUI Graduate Student Imaging Research Fellowship (GSIRF) Program

The aim of the IUPUI Graduate Student Imaging Research Fellowship (GSIRF) Program is to provide a stable source of funding for graduate students pursuing a doctoral degree focused on imaging technology development within an interdisciplinary, collaborative, research environment. Furthermore, it is anticipated that this program will serve as a means to enhance multidisciplinary research activities among senior investigators. It is expected that the funded GSIRF projects will provide the foundation for securing additional external funding sources to further the new imaging technology and its utilization within the mentors’ laboratories.

Deadline: TBD

International Research Development Fund (IRDF)

The IRDF grant was developed to enhance the international research and scholarly activity focus of the IUPUI academic mission. Generally, the IRDF grant serves as venture capital to stimulate additional funding for international research and scholarly activity, which have strong potential to generate indirect cost recovery from extramural sources.

Deadlines:  November 15

Release Time for Research (RTR)

IUPUI maintains a robust research enterprise. To support faculty in having adequate time to prepare competitive proposals, the IUPUI Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research has developed the Release Time for Research (RTR) internal funding mechanism. This funding program allows IUPUI faculty a “buy out” of teaching time to prepare high quality grant/contract proposals for submission to external funding agencies.  It also supports non-tenure track faculty who are full-time senior lecturers or clinical track faculty possessing terminal degrees relevant to their fields, and who have a desire to engage in research or creative activity in an area that directly relates to their teaching or service mission.

Deadline:  February 1, July 1

RTR Guidelines RTR Application Email application to Alicia Gahimer by July 1, 2016

IU System-Wide

Indiana University Collaborative Research Grants (IUCRG)

The IUCRG is open to faculty on all Indiana University campuses. The goals of this competition are to facilitate and support outstanding research and cutting edge discoveries by teams of experts who have not worked together previously in the project’s subject matter. Teams should include experts from different campuses, schools, departments, or disciplines. The maximum funding per project will be $75,000 but in exceptional cases, when there is a convincing justification, this maximum could be exceeded.

New Frontiers in the Arts and Humanities Program

The objective of the New Frontiers opportunity is to help Indiana University faculty members by supporting the initial stages of path-breaking and transformative programs of scholarly investigation or creative activity.

Indiana University Grand Challenges

The Bicentennial Strategic Plan calls for Indiana University to invest significant resources over the next decade to catalyze research. This investment will be particularly focused on Grand Challenges—“major and large-scale problems” facing humanity that can “only be addressed by multidisciplinary teams of the best researchers.”