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The content of large proposals is usually dictated by sponsor (funding agency) guidelines. The Proposal Development Services strives to serve as a knowledge base for agency guidelines, and/or as a check that the guidelines have been followed, to ensure successful proposal submission.
The Proposal Development staff possesses Compositional, Persuasive, and Scientific Writing expertise.  They can be viewed as a part of one’s project team.

Proposal Development for large proposals may include some or all of the following services

Proposal Planning Services
  • Communicate with funding agencies
  • Interpret and evaluate complex data on sponsors, their goals, programs, and funding capabilities
  • Actively participate in proposal development meetings of the project team
  • Establish timeline and process for proposal production
  • Alert the project team to specific requirements, program priorities, and competition limitations
  • Coordinate assignments and track specific sections for development by team members
  • Communicate with project and proposal coordinators at collaborating institutions
  • Organize requests for internal and external support letters, identify needed technical services, and arrange peer review
  • Coordinate with Office of Research Administration to ensure on-time submission
Proposal Production Services
  • Write technical and non-technical sections, prepare transition materials, and/or synthesize them into a coherent whole
  • Perform literature searches and summarize literature as needed
  • Develop budget forms in conjunction with departmental/school staff
  • Identify proposal sections to be strengthened by external expertise (e.g., statistical design, undergraduate student research opportunities, economic impact, assessment strategies)
  • Manage proposal editing with document management software as needed
  • Assemble final grant package (paper and/or electronic)
General Guidelines for Large Proposals
  • Allow 6 months for preparation
  • Have a clear and compelling vision (mission)
  • Have a strong leader willing to spearhead the proposal and manage the project once it is funded
  • Build on previous funding, collaboration, and existing strengths while proceeding from a unique position