Signature Centers

Investing in the future of research

The Signature Centers Initiative fostered the development of research centers that are uniquely identifiable with IUPUI, and lead the way in world-class research and creative activities that substantially enhance IUPUIā€™s reputation nationally and internationally. The initiative was designed to provide each selected center initial funding for a period of three years, equally shared between the central administration and the academic units. Successful centers received Signature Center designation at the completion of the third year.

The Signature Centers Initiative program was discontinued in 2015. OVCR no longer accepts new applications. The only centers still in the program are those that were approved in 2015 or earlier.

Awarded Signature Center Status - 2010
Binational/Cross-Cultural Health Enhancement Center
Center for Earth and Environmental Science
Center for the Study of Religion and American Culture
PREGMED Center for Pharmacogenetics and Therapeutics Research in Maternal and Child Health
Service Learning Research Collaborative
Awarded Signature Center Status - 2011
Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Center
Transportation Active Safety Institute
Vascular and Cardiac Center for Adult Stem Cell Therapy
Awarded Signature Center Status - 2013
Institute for American Thought
Research in Palliative and End-of-Life Communication and Training (RESPECT) Center
Awarded Signature Center Status - 2015
Center for Pancreatic Cancer Research
Awarded Signature Center Status - 2016
Center for Brain Rehabilitation, Advanced Imaging, and Neuroscience
Initiative Funded - 2013
Center for Cancer Population Analytics and Patient-Centered Informatics
Center for the Cure of Glioblastoma
Initiative Funded - 2014
Indiana Diabetes Research Center
Research Center for Quantitative Renal Imaging
Initiative Funded - 2015
Center for Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research
Indiana Center for AIDS Research